Website Design

TrailsWeb has the programming and design expertise to make virtually any kind of sophisticated website system imaginable.

We have a host of impressive technologies at our disposal for designing and deploying custom online systems.  We run our own servers, hosting all the sites we make.  We have servers dedicated exclusively to processing data, servers for handling web traffic, servers for running lengthy and automated processing tasks, and servers for handling mail.  Our infrastructure is substantially more developed than is needed.  Our servers typically run at less than 5% processor utilization - giving visitors to our hosted sites the optimum user experience.  Our sites are designed to require minimal bandwidth without sacrificing style or function.  Nearly all page requests take less than two seconds to transmit to the end user, and most dynamic pages use AJAX to eliminate the costly "round trip".

We strive for a balance between form and function.  We pay attention to what a user may want to do at any juncture in a site's process and ensure the options are clearly and intuitively accessible.  We apply unique styling to each element of a page to ensure the user perceives the system as one of reliable quality.  If a user has to scan a page to find what they're looking for then there's definitely room to improve the architecture of the page.