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One of our core philosophies at TrailsWeb is that kindness and competence are critical to excellence. Kindness stems from an obligation to treat others with respect and thoughtfulness.  How has kindness benefitted you professionally?

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Competence is the result of an ongoing desire to learn and grow as a person, and to be truly outstanding within your profession.  What do you do regularly to stay abreast of modern thinking and industry practices?


In this role, you'll be working on both websites and Windows applications. Describe an experience you've had where you were delighted when you solved a problem using your programming skills.


We think it's crucial for the that each member of our team sees their role as important. In all parts of the company, there are opportunities to improve the quality of our products and services. How do you think you could contribute to TrailsWeb's improvement as a C# coder?
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Talent is the name of the game. If you've worked with related technologies and in related fields it'll be obvious that this kind of work is where your heart is. Please copy and paste your resume below so we can see what you've been up to over the years.
c#.net developer employment